Karin Kooijman is a young documentary filmmaker who graduated at the Utrecht School of the Arts in 2014, where she gained experiences asa director and producer. For my internship she worked for the television program ‘Andere Tijden’, she was responsible for the research and the production. During the last years she travelled a lot to countries such as Nepal, Cambodia, Eastern Europe and Finland. It was more than just traveling, because here she experienced her interest for identity, culture and the history that goes along with it. Next to her study at the Utrecht School of the Arts, she studied at the University of Utrecht and Groningen where she followed courses in philosophy, media and history. She would like to use scientific research in social issues, to show more personal, sensitive and poetic documentaries.

Karin finished also the Master of Arts and Creative Design for Digital Cultures. She did research on the stereotypes of Eastern-European women in Western media, documentary and cinema.