Als ze later groot zijn…

Elise in 'Als ze later groot zijn..'
Elise in ‘Als ze later groot zijn..’
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A documentary about Elise. Elise is a animalmedicine student. She faced the harsh reality of the lives of animals in factory farms during her study. She decides to keep her own pigs in a biological way. When they are fat enough she wants to slaughter them. Within the system, she makes her own descriptions and tries her own path. This documentary is a portrait of a girl, who balances between ideals and the reality. How does her future look like? Will her method be appreciated in the future?

Afgerond: Januari 2012

Lengte: 14 minutes

Concept, regie, productie:
Karin Kooijman
Suzanne de Weerd

Karin Kooijman
Suzanne de Weerd

Jilles van Kleef

Efin de Landmeter
Karin Kooijman
Jilles van Kleef

Sound design:
Adrien O’Horne Naber
Laurens Goedhart

Casper Kramer