Last saturday 6-4-2013 I was On-Air together with Nanouk Wouters and Tessa Fleming. We are running two radioprogram. We called: Radioheads!

Our first show is about the Northern lights and Finnish myths.

We discuss in the first hour what the northern lights really are and over the myths around them. In the second our we talk about the book, the Kalevala. This Finnish national epos is full of poetry, stories and myths. We discuss the content and the actuality of the book.

Our second show is about the culture in Helsinki and being gay all over the world. We will discuss about the general acceptation of gay people in different countries and also in Helsinki.

We are two times on air:

06.04.2013 15.00 – 17.00

Northern Lights and Myths

11.05.2013 10.00 – 12.00

Culture in Helsinki and gay acceptation

You can listen to the radio on 89.7 Mhx or online: