In this movie I want to show how the machine is taking over the acts of the human. In the beginning of the film you see peaceful cows, and then you will see quite abruptly the robot, which is milking the cows. . I want to show the contrast between the robot and the cow. You see the occurrence of this machine.

The cows acting peaceful. They are brushed by a brush machine, are lying in boxes and wait for their turn to be milked by the robot. It has become routine. Each cow has his own time. They like to be milked by the robot.

Still the robot is a great revolution for the cows and the farmer. The first time when the robot was installed, the cows were shocked. It’s such a major change that you almost can’t imagine that those cows ever get used to. However that happens. At the moment they consider the robot as normal.

The underlying story is the mechanization of the society. Will robots takeover humans? This example clearly shows it is possible. In the whole film you don’t see any human.