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In the second semester of the second year we have written a television format and realized the first episode. We started from the beginning of the process. Thinking, researching and writing a television format. I will explain the format. In the period of a half a year the program follows six families whose children will leave home for a study. In the television program you will see three different stories.One: the parents, for who it’s hard to release the children, but on the other side they can be with each other as partners alone, without children. Second: the kids, who don’t much care or they find it very difficult to be independent. The situations within the families can be sometimes funny, recognizable or hard.

The motivation for us to make this television program was to search how different families, in different situations handle with their children who are leaving home. This program has a universal massage. In the first episode you will see different families of each other, but the same applies for all the families; he fact that their children will leave home.

Television format
Aflevering 1
Afgerond: Mei 2012

Lengte: 25 minutes

Rick Kluskens

Sacha Berman
Suzanne Witteman
Nanouk Wouters
Karin Kooijman
Suzanne de Weerd

Karin Kooijman

Diederick Helder

Sarah Vos

Efin de Landmeter

Joost Oehler