Gender roles in advertisement

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In all forms of media such as films, television, commercials, video games, books insinuate gender roles.Daily people are confronted with advertisement. This often happens unconsciously, but there are certainly recognizable conscious expressions in advertising.Today the division of gender roles are strongly criticized. Sex stereotyping in the media inhibit the equality of women and men, both in terms of access to information technologies, and in terms of employment and participation in the political process. The media and advertising would ensure that everything stays the same, that the traditional division of labour within the family is maintained and thus the under-representation of women in certain occupations and social functions.

Afgerond in november 2011

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Universiteit Utrecht

Karin Kooijman
Stijn van Vliet

Karin Kooijman

Stijn van Vliet

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Stijn van Vliet
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Karin Kooijman
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Karin Kooijman

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